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PERSONALIZED STRESS MANAGEMENT, by Joseph L. Gill, MS, Counseling & Counseling Services Publications, 920 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129
This book, which is a self-help manual for everyday life and work, is very readable. It is well organized and complete, and will be an excellent addition to the therapists’ list of books to be used for bibliotherapy (assigned client reading).

It includes several chapters on how to cope with stress both cognitively and physically, including important areas such as nutrition, exercise and emotional support systems that are often neglected in other stress management systems. It includes a section, which also allows for the development of a personalized stress management program, which does an evaluation, and assessment of the individual lifestyle. Then it adds the appropriate stress management techniques with respect to the various aspects such as home and career in order to produce a less stressful life or even allow one to develop the capacity to endure more stress.

The book is useful for client homework and for the client to assess, develop, and implement a stress management plan on his own. There are many techniques and useful suggestions in the book and I would recommend it for the clinician’s library for bibliography.

--Richard P. Vames, PhD


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